Did you spot the pig?

During spring, the most beautiful flowers bloom and paint the trees and bushes with delightful colors and textures.  This springtime session happened while the viburnum was blooming during a very lovely evening.  It’s like snow heavy on the branches but wonderfully warm instead of freezing.  🙂

The two siblings were having a great time chasing each other around the yard and we made the most of the nice evening.  Our favorite image, instead of being a posed and looking at the camera with a smile, was this piece.  That sweet little moment of the light touch by her brother, right before he ran off to be chased was a quiet moment to be enjoyed as a mixed media piece.   Maybe you’ll see it in person if you happen by our studio or see us at a show or around town.  It’s definitely a piece to soak in and enjoy the springtime moment.

And you spotted the pig, right?  Apparently, he’s been a fixture in the backyard for longer than anyone can remember and rightfully deserves his moment in a family portrait as well.  It’ll be a nice memory for these kids to look back and remember the pig when they’re older with kids of their own.