An Extended Family Photographer that will photograph PLUS install the resulting art


Jonathan and I had such a wonderful time photographing this lovely extended family.  It was the day of the “Great Ice Storm 2017”.  We weren’t sure what the weather would bring (if you listened to the forecast it was definitely going to be the Icepocalypse) but that Saturday in January was our only option to make this work.  And make it work we did!  Luckily the ice storm barely grazed Kansas City and everyone was able to safely make the portrait session.

This beautiful piece is the finished image that we installed in their home as a stunning 50″ long portrait.  This style of extended family portrait that we offer in our studio is rapidly becoming very popular with our big groups.

Having the extended family together means we can also create smaller group images.  And because we live in Kansas City, we had to add in some love for the Royals.

What’s not to love with having the grandbabies with Grandma and Grandpa?  The kids will have so much fun going back to see this image as they get older.

And yes, I did mention something about art installation.  We are happy to deliver your art and install it on your walls for you.  That way we know you are able to get maximum enjoyment from your portraits immediately.

About SPC Portrait Art: Jonathan and I are portrait artists who take clients from an original fuzzy concept to planning on where we would display it in their home, what colors work best for that room, if studio or outdoors would best suit that concept and then executing it photographically and printing as a beautifully finished canvas piece that we then install in their home.  From concept to Art on the Wall!  🙂