Family Pictures in the Fall Leaves

It’s coming, are you ready for it? There’s no stopping it….yes, the opportunity to have your family pictures in the fall leaves is coming!

Even though it might be 95 now, tomorrow it’s 70 and then it’s 85 degrees.  Very temperamental and all over the place.

Overall,  I’m sad to see that the forecast is now mostly in the 80’s (am I the only one that grabs a sweatshirt at 80 degrees?) and will be dropping steadily over the next month or so, but on the flip side, autumn is such a fun season fun to photograph with.

But my whole point is now the kids are in school, time is going to fly by thanks to homework and after school activities to distract you and you’re going to be attending holiday parties before you know it and planning your diet plans for January 1st.  Put the brakes on that and plan to do the family portrait you put off every year.  The next two months are going to be your last chance to have beautiful family pictures in the fall leaves or in a lush green setting until April or May.  Until April or May…that’s six months to wait for the trees to come back and that’s just a really long time to wait.

We have several favorite locations where we get some great foliage change.  We’re here, ready to commit to your family pictures in the fall leaves, we have dates set aside, we just need you!

Our super secret creekbed location…look how pretty the colors are!!


This is one location I would hesitate to go back to…there’s this swan…it really does NOT like people.  We had to keep a very close eye on it but it was well worth it for this family’s beautiful setting!


But this location below is fantastic!  I love the way the bridge draws your view back and it does a great job of framing this cute little family.


So when is the best time for family pictures in the fall leaves?  October, obviously.  And beyond that, it’s really up to Mother Nature.  Usually the middle of the month has a good amount of color, whether it is still in the trees, or if it’s down on the ground.  But feel free to go by what the Farmer’s Almanac is suggesting!

We have only have 6 more appointments available for families on Saturdays in October, the rest have been booked.  Trying to come up with an excuse?  Don’t worry, we’ve heard them all.  I’ll save those for the next blog post though.

Enjoy summer while it lasts!  Because, you know…winter is coming.  🙂