Learning in Vegas…no really, there was learning!

Happy Love Day!

At the beginning of February, Jonathan and I made our way out to Vegas to join our coaching group for a three-day onslaught of new ideas, new concepts and reconnecting with other wonderful professional photographers all over the United States.   It was terrific to see familiar faces again and we managed to meet lots of new ones!  I can’t begin to speak highly enough of joining some kind of group of similar minded professionals in your own industry.  What a fabulous network to have access to!

While I would like to say Jonathan and I were inspired by new lighting techniques, new finishes and new products during our workshops, it was actually fairly mundane inspiration. For me, it was all about production, streamlining and outsourcing work so we can free ourselves up to work with more charities which I’m thrilled about.  There’s nothing like finding out you have a software that can be responsible for saving hours and hours of tedious work.  I almost feel like I have a 26 hour day now to work with!

But it wasn’t all sitting in a conference room all day.  One evening we dressed up (because of course, we just happened to have a tux and gown with us) and went out on the Strip to model for some of our photography friends.  I think everyone should wander the Venetian and Palazzo with your own private paparazzi at least once!  🙂