Sharing and Learning in New York City

This past week, Jonathan and I attended the annual meeting of the Society of XXV in New York City.   This group has 25 of the greatest photographers worldwide that demonstrate excellence in their field of portrait work, as well as leadership in the industry.  At this meeting, we had the pleasure of the company of two past PPA presidents (Professional Photographers of America) and photographers came from the United States, Canada, Ireland, Indonesia and Australia.  While this was my first visit with the group, Jonathan has grown up among this group due to his father, Mark Braswell of Strauss Peyton, having being one of first 25 members.  Jonathan is quite happy to no longer be known as “Mark’s son”, but as simply “Jonathan”.  🙂

A bit of music with the slideshow, definitely fun to watch!

And a few highlights from our trip…first up, a visit to the new observation tower and the World Trade Center Memorial.

The interior of the fish bone looking thing in the above image…it’s called the Oculus and was very fun to photograph.

The gritty black and white of New York.

And the soft and sweet side of New York.  This is the Metropolitan Building in Brooklyn.  It is used for magazine and model sessions and has been used as the location for many Vogue and Vanity Fair cover images.  We had several models and a ballet dancer come by for us for a couple of hours.

And no trip with a photographer is ever considered complete without an early morning wake up to photograph the sunrise.  Unfortunately, the weather was too foggy and cloudy for true sunrise images but the city and Brooklyn bridge are just fabulous with or without the clear skies.  We were pleased regardless.

And to wrap up, a new portrait of us by the wonderfully amazing John Hartman.