Sunflowers Family Photography

The sunflowers are coming, the sunflowers are coming!  Yes, have you seen the chatter online about sunflowers getting ready to bloom soon?  Or, are you just now finding out about the amazing huge field of sunflowers we have super close to us?  I’m so happy to enlighten you to the stunning beauty of this sunflower field!


Introducing our family portrait from last year!  I have no words, it simply makes my heart sing.  Last year, this was my bucket list family portrait.  Yes, I have a bucket list.  🙂  I’ve had family portraits in the tulips fields in Washington state, Cannon Beach in Oregon, out in a snow storm at Steven’s Pass in Washington state on Christmas Eve (I used to live there for 30 years, hence a lot of Pacific Northwest scenery).  And now…what more beautiful, scenic, jaw-dropping amazing vista in Kansas for our family portraits but in the sunflowers?  So I can check this off my family bucket list.  But what about you?  You also deserve to have a gorgeous art piece of your family.

Yes, we are joining in the madness of offering sunflower portrait sessions.  

However, we are not offering “Mini’s”.  For heaven’s sake…where’s my eye-rolly emoticon?  We are photographing full regular sessions as you deserve to have a full session with the sunflowers.  We also absolutely positively do NOT do natural light.  We haul our strobes and lighting gear out to the field to give you the best possible art piece we can.  And in order to really make those colors shine, you look amazing and to capture a beautiful sky, there’s no way around it…you have to have lighting equipment there!

Not buying what I’m selling?  That’s fine…I’ll show you the difference:


See?  No lighting equipment=flat, non-vibrant, pale skin tones, no beautiful sky.  In fact, in order to get a good exposure on skin tones, you have to blow out the sky and render it white.  Now, yes, of course, there can be a lot that can be “fixed” in photoshop or lightroom but we prefer to photograph it correctly and quickly so we can go about our days and enjoy our families.

Ha, I can’t get over that cranky teenage stare we got and the goofy faces from our boys.  Thankfully they were very patient with us as we set up to do our family portrait.

So specifics about the sunflowers!  The field is projected to be blooming around Labor Day weekend.  The sunflowers bloom for a week, maybe stretched out a bit longer but not by much.  The weather absolutely will impact the flowers!  If we are having storms or winds, it will shorten the ability we have to enjoy the fields.  We prefer portrait sessions in the fields in the late afternoon to sunset.  If you’re interested in getting more information about a beautiful art piece of your family in the sunflower field, please give us a ring at the studio 913-636-5478 or email us at

Oh!  And I almost forgot to mention, we will be donating HALF off our session fee to the field owner to thank them for their wonderful generosity in allowing all us crazy people into their fields.  God bless them for sharing their beautiful gift!

We would love to chat, give us a call!  Oh, and be sure to share with your friends with those handy buttons below, I bet they would like to know too!